Only a cruise can offer you the opportunity to experience so many places during one vacation. Imagine waking up every morning in a new destination searching for new adventures and only having to unpack once. Enjoy fine dining in an elegant atmosphere wearing your fanciest most sophisticated evening attire. OR NOT. Enjoy the same fine dining in a casual laid back atmosphere with none of the stuffy clothes. The choice is yours.

Cruise travel shows no sign of slowing down. Whether you are an experienced cruiser or you are considering sailing for the first time, there is something for everyone. As the industry continues to grow with new ships and new itineraries, there are so many options to choose from. Ocean cruising, to River cruising, to small ship cruising, you are sure to find something that fits your lifestyle and budget.


What kind of tour suits your travel style?

Escorted tours are conducted via motor coach by a tour director who handles all services from the beginning of your journey until the end. Tours typically include your flight, hotel, transportation, some meals and sightseeing.

Guided tours are similar to Escorted tours however you will not be escorted to all of your activities. Local guides are present to answer questions. Some meals, hotels, and sightseeing can be included. Guided tours are great for those who want some freedom but have the reassurance of a guide.

Independent tours are self-paced and leisurely. There is no conductor or guide to direct you however there is a host who can answer questions and provide suggestions as needed. You are on your own.

Whatever your style, we can help plan your tour.


Typically, all-inclusive vacations include your room, meals, beverages (including alcohol), gratuities, and non-motorized watersports. Some even include golf, nightly entertainment, and nearby excursions but inclusions vary from resort to resort.


Can you think of anything better than sharing the gift of travel with others? Gather your friends and family to create your own group or join one of ours and meet some new friends. Either way, it’s always better to travel with a group. What? You don’t like groups of people and want to spend some quality time with your significant other? That’s ok too. Join one of our group just to get the perks of lower fares and better amenities where available.